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THINK WORK SPACE®. Is a space design approach that we invented that repositions the individual at the heart of the project. Our goal is to offer you spaces that meet your needs by designing personified and innovative places.


AXO® is a digital interface that allows you to follow the evolution of your project at any time. Based on a performance triangle, it highlights how energy, financial and health factors can affect a real estate development project.


The Project Management Assistance is an integral part of our missions. Our role is to help and advise the contracting authority to define, pilot and operate the project.


Build, enlarge, rehabilitate, relocate … Any project of design and building planning is to be thought in coherence with a project line that integrates the future use of the premises. We decipher the desires and needs of the customers, their history, the regulations and technical constraints. We look at the environment of the site, the light, the view and the fluxes. We transpose the whole into buildings where the spaces are designed to measure.


The Master of Work is the phase of the projects bringing together the architectural project managers and all the building’s State bodies.

To carry it out, we have the habit of developing to each of our projects an independent team that we animate and manage.